1Stop4aGP: 360°

Introducing 1Stop4aGP : 360°, our new client-centred service, offering employees innovative health and wellbeing support, fit for the future. Our integrated, holistic approach ensures that we get to the heart of any problem and provide appropriate practical solutions, helping to give your employees a positive path forward.

Our service offers employees personalised, on-demand advice and support from a breadth of expert mental health, financial and legal providers – a package of support unequalled within the additional healthcare industry.

Employees accessing the service will be allocated a dedicated case manager, putting them in touch with the experts who will work with them to understand their specific issues and help them to create the solutions they need to achieve a better quality of life.


A large number of Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) often do not meet the complex needs of the people using them for help and assistance. With 1Stop4aGP : 360°, no matter the complexity of an individual’s case,  we will be by their side until a resolution is reached.

1Stop4aGP: 360° - Integrated Healthcare Support for you and your family.  

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